New to Zootown?

We are excited to get you connected to a great community of believers! Zootown Church believes that life is much sweeter when you are living it with others. Below are a few options to get you involved with our community here at Zootown. Join us as we all strive to become more like Jesus and reach our city with love, grace, and truth.

Want to learn more about baptism at Zootown Church?


Meet the Hello Team

We have a group of people who are connected to Zootown and to our community who want to make you a part of what we are doing. If you would like to talk to a Hello team member about community here at Zootown, please go to the Hello Booth and fill out a New Here card. Someone should be in touch with you shortly.


Join a Zootown Group

Zootown Groups are about growing and living more like Jesus. We believe this happens powerfully when people come together to grow in the Gospel word, Gospel community, and Gospel mission.

This is what our groups are all about and we provide a variety of options. This is your opportunity to deepen your relationship with Christ.


Sign up for Personal Discipleship

For Personal Discipleship we connect two-three people with one discipler to help him or her grow in their Gospel intimacy, identity, and purpose through weekly meetings together. These weekly meetings involve time in the Bible, time sharing life, repenting together, and praying for the Holy Spirit to change us and fill us to live and love like Jesus.


Volunteer for Zootown Church

Volunteering can be a great way to give back to the church and meet awesome individuals who also love serving! We are a multi-campus church with a growing population and innumerable opportunities to get involved. For all volunteer opportunities, please follow the link below! If you have skills you want to use but don't know where they apply, contact us at


Go to Zootown Connect

We know a church service is not the greatest time to get to know other people. This monthly gathering is a great way to get connected at Zootown, creating fellowship with other Zootown members, and hearing the vision of Zootown moving forward. You won't want to miss this night.