Zootown Church Ministries


Kids in the Zoo
AGES 0 - 5th GRADE

Zootown Church believes Kids in the Zoo is the most important ministry we do. Our Kids in the Zoo area has been renovated specifically with children in mind. With inviting atmospheres, hands-on learning opportunities, singing and music, games, and biblically-based messages, children of all ages will have a way to learn how much Jesus loves them. Child care is available at all Sunday services. Zootown’s kids volunteers have been interviewed, background checked, and trained to provide the best possible experience for your child.


6th - 12th GRADE

Here at Zootown Youth we desire for students to experience our amazing God. We teach, invest, and equip the youth so that these students aren’t merely fans of Jesus, but followers of Jesus that live with a mission and purpose. Our adult leaders are a ton of fun and they are trained and equipped to provide quality care and encouragement. Youth can expect fun games, in depth messages, and engaged leaders who want what is best for them.



Zootown Tribes are all about living more like Jesus in the way we think, feel and act. We believe this happens in a powerful way when we come together to grow in the Gospel Message, Gospel Community and Gospel Mission.



Zootown Church places a high value on counseling ministries. There are many great organizations in our community that offer free services to meet physical needs. However, there seems to be a lock of resources for free mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual counsel. We have a desire to meet that need as much as we are able with the staff and the resources God has given us.

Although we desire to have a whole team of counselors on staff at Zootown, we do not currently have a full time counselor on staff. We are currently referring counseling requests to several counselors in town that we know and trust. We are also offering financial assistance to those seeking counseling who do not have an insurance plan that covers the cost of counseling.

If you would like to be referred to a local counselor or request financial assistance for counseling please email info@zootownchurch.com


Benevolence, Counseling, and Special Ministry Request Form

The purpose of the General Benevolence Fund is to meet people's basic needs on a short-term, interim basis (90 days or less). This Benevolence fund also oversees the distribution and allocation of funds to Local and International Mission partners and Parachurch ministries. The Benevolence Fund is intended for two primary purposes: a source of last resort, to be used when the family or individual requesting assistance has explored all other possibilities of help from family, friends, savings, or investments; or a source of spiritual guidance and growth that may include counseling, spiritual consultations, or investment into the Kingdom of God in Missoula and beyond.